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Task Force Banshee
Leader Elim99 18th Dec 2013
So for DayZ I'm putting together Task Force Banshee which will be consisting of the following

Two teams of 5 people
team leader with an assault rifle
2nd in command with an assault rifle.
Medic with an mp5sd6 or bizon
Recon/point man with an mp5 sd6 or bizon
Designated marksman with an mk12

each team will have a little bird helicopter pilot for insertions
a crew of 3 in an mi-17 helicopter acting as close air support (CAS) and possible extraction for ground teams as well

one or two sniper/spotter teams that will be working on their own to give recon in advance

All members of TFB will be using the m9 SD as their side arm so that everyone has at least one suppressed weapon.

This composition can be expanded and adjusted as needed. Suggestions are welcome.
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